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Horizon Arcs - Rock Band


Midwest rock band Horizon Arcs was established in 2014 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The band has deep roots in ’90s grunge and alternative music, showing influences by bands such as Weezer, Foo Fighters, Blink182, Sublime, and Bush, as well as early 2000s acts like The Black Keys and Kings of Leon.

Horizon Arcs’ music offers a sense of nostalgia for the days when rock was king! Their debut album Anybody Listening came out in 2017 and offered an array of emotions, moods, and energy backed by thought-provoking lyrics and clever hooks. With hints of rock, blues, ska, classic rock, and even coffee-house acoustic sets, Anybody Listening yields a range of music that everyone can relate to. Their latest single, “Ugly Saturday“, was released in April of 2020. It explores the deep emotions and raw feelings of not fitting in with those around you, a concept many people are all too familiar with.

Horizon Arcs is currently unsigned and looking for representation. Their music can be heard in regular rotation on their local alt-rock station as well as college/indie programs around the world.


Brody Eastep – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Alex Fernandez – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Aaron Steele – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Austin Snyder – Drums / Backing Vocals



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The guys in Horizon Arcs made a solid, well-produced heavy rock record that begs to be played as loud as you can crank those speakers in your Hyundai. “Saving Face”, “Fast Forward”, and “Sulpher” need massive volume, while “Would It Kill You” and “Eraser” bring things down for those quieter moments.”

“Horizon Arcs make music that will at once sound familiar and entirely new. They’re rock and roll, for sure, but each member brings something unique to the table. Classic rock, country, indie, progressive, and even polka (okay, maybe not polka) are evident in both their live shows and what’s on their debut album Anybody Listening.”

Anybody Listening captures the spirit of those 90s summer jams quite nicely. Horizon Arcs’ music will resonate with anyone that grew up in the post-grunge world of the 90s – a time when it was okay to show your influences proudly while still retaining a sense of music individuality. Where metal, blues, alternative and reggae songs could sit side by side on the same album and no one thought anything of it.”